Madhavan regrets sharing his selfie on Twitter

Evergreen chocolate boy R Madhavan enjoys a huge fame across India for his handsome looks and movies. Such hero is regretting on something he did in the recent times. Let us see this issue in brief.

Madhavan Shirtless
Madhavan Shirtless

Madhavan recently shared a selfie of his with trimmed beard after the shower. We can see that he has taken this picture after a shower without wearing any shirt. Within no time, the photo got shared and liked by his ardent lady fans. Some even wondered looking at his handsomeness even in the 40s. Now Madhavan is not feeling good for sharing that particular photo. He explained that he posted that picture only to prove his wife that he had lost some weight to achieve the slim look. Even though he didn’t reveal the reason for regretting, it is quite evident that his wife had some issues about that photo.

This Macho hero of Tamil said that it is not possible for anyone to look the same in all the situation. This hero’s new flick is gearing up for the release in Tamil.

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