MAA says to Tollywood not to make political statements

The AP Film Chamber of Commerce and Movie Artistes’ Association has asked members of Tollywood not to make political statements on Telangana and united Andhra agitations or face boycott from the industry.

This comes after the Gudivada MLA and producer of Adhurs, Mr Kodali Nani’s remarks against the TRS turned controversial leading to attack on theatres screening the film.

“This is a very sensitive issue. We have asked all the actors, technicians, and filmmakers to stay away from making statements on political issues” said Mr Murali Mohan, actor and president of the association.

“We are not breaching anyone’s right to freedom of expression. But we are not here to safeguard filmmakers and their movies if they land in trouble after making remarks on such sensitive issues. We are here to entertain people and not give political statements,” said Mr Thammareddy Bharadwaja, member of the Telugu Film Producers’ Council.

The association said the order is aimed to bring harmony and avoid losses to theatres, distributors and producers.

“The film industry is a non-political body. We will not co-operate with anyone who violates the order,” said Mr Daggubati Suresh Babu, filmmaker.

Meanwhile, about 70 per cent of the theatres in the Telangana region have stopped screening Adhurs. the film.

Of the 70 theatres that were screening the movie, 50 have stopped all the shows. These theatres are now screening old Hindi and Telugu movies. (DC)

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