MAA President Reacts On Mahesh’s Event

Shivaji Raja, the president of MAA association has been revolving around a lot of controversies of late. He has faced disputes with the treasurer Naresh in the recent past but it looks like all the issues were sorted out successfully.

Sivaji Raja
Sivaji Raja

Meanwhile, Shivaji Raja recently interacted with the media where he opened up about the reasons behind the cancellation of Mahesh Babu’s event in the USA.

When questioned about the same, Shivaji Raja said, “We were ready to undergo troubles but we wanted Mahesh Babu not to face any kind of issue. Because of the same reason, we cancelled the event as we want no disturbance from the organizers to Mahesh.”

Shivaji Raja agreed that the disputes existed between him and Naresh but he again said that everything was sorted out between them.

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