Maa Aayana Chanti Pilladu

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July 26 (IndiaGlitz): Maa Aayana Chanti Pilladu – A xerox copy of Tamil original 

There are some directors and producers in Telugu film industry, who believe that remaking of successful films of other languages would be a safe bet as they would surely attract the audiences. Instead of searching for a story, preparing a perfect script and suitable dialogues and selecting suitable artistes, these producers and directors feel that they could easily follow the original. Scripting screenplay and story would be very easy as they could be done in the form of translation. ‘Maa Aayana Chanti Pilladu’ is one such subject, which was the remake of a successful Tamil film ‘En Purushan Kuzhanthai Madiri’. In any society, a legally wedded wife always thinks her husband should be like Rama. But when he tries to wag his tail, she won’t hesitate to cut the tail and make him to mend his ways. The basic story of the film is based on this theory.

Bullabbayi (Sivaji) is fond of his sister-in-law Rajeswari (Meera Jasmine). He loves her so much and wanted to be flawless with good character. Though Rajeswari behaves that she is not interested in him, she really loves him. Bullabbayi has a property dispute with his stepbrother Veerababu (Subbaraju). In a bid to save a girl called Chintamani (Sangeeta) from being sold by a brothel owner (Anuradha) to Veerababu, Bullabbayi pays her money and takes Chintamani with him and keeps her in his outhouse. Bullabbayi tells her to leave the place the next day, but accidentally, seduces Chintamani, after an attack by Veerababu’s men against him. Being an honest boy, Bullabbayi reveals everything to his father-in-law and urges him to stop the marriage, but the latter refuses to do so. Again, Bullabbayi innocently reveals the incident to Rajeswari as he doesn’t want to cheat her that he was pious and flawless. Rajeswari attempts suicide and gets saved by Bullabbayi. However, Rajeswari refuses to share the marital life with Bullabbayi. A few days later, her father convinces her and appeals to honour his honesty. Being impressed with his innocence, Rajeswari allows him into the bedroom and they enjoy a good family life. As a result, Rajeswari turns pregnant, so also Chintamani. How Bullabbayi managed both his pregnant wives? Did Chintamani comes into the life of Rajeswari? Did Rajeswari keep mum on learning Chintamani was also pregnant and Bullabbayi continued to pamper her? What happened to the property dispute between Bullabbayi and Veerababu? How Veerababu reacted against Bullabbayi? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


Playing such kind of characters is very easy for a hero like Sivaji. The director etched the character in an entertaining way as he had the qualities of innocence and honesty. He showed perfect comedy timing and his body language and histrionics were perfectly suited to the character. Meera Jasmine is adequate as a housewife and her girl-next door kind of performance had a good appeal. She proved that the girl is very sensitive about her husband. Sangeeta, who was off the screen for the past some time, got a good opportunity to play a role which had a lot scope for performance. Subbaraju did justice to the negative role in the entire film and as a changed man in the climax. Other artistes like Chandramohan, Annapurna and others are also adequate and perfect fit in their respective roles. After a long time, Venumadhav had got a good opportunity to play a full-length comedy character with a direct link to the story and the hero instead of doing a separate comedy track. He was able to tickle the funny bone of the audiences with his performance.


Dialogues by Rajendrakumar are good in parts. Music by MM Srilekha is a little let down in the film, as most of the tunes sounded copy tunes and one among the songs was a remix of a hit film of yesteryears which goes like ‘Bavalu Syeya…’. The main draw back of the film is the poor screenplay by the director Raja Vannemreddy. It appears that he strictly followed the original while remaking the Telugu version. But for a couple of comedy scenes, there are no changes in the original script. Had he concentrated a little more on the screenplay, the movement would be a little more gripping. The director mainly targeted the family audiences and ignored the mass elements, which could attract masses.


Making a family entertainer will not just do, but the director should also look for the welfare of the producer as the commercial success would have a lot of impact on the film. Unless there is a wide publicity, the film may not prove to be a crowd puller.

Cast: Sivaji, Meera Jasmine, Sangeeta, Subbaraju, Venumadhav, Chandramohan, Soma Vijayaprakash, Annapurna, Anuradha, and others.

Credits: Music – Srilekha, Lyrics – Bhaskarabhatla, Dialogues – Rajendrakumar, Editing – Nagireddy, Presenter – Mamidisetti Srinivas, Co-Producer – Prashant, Executive producer – Soma Vijaya Prakash, Producer – Bekkem Venugopal, Screenplay and direction  – Raja Vannemreddy

Banner: Lucky Media

Released on: 25th July, 2008

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