Lovers Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

“Anthaku Mundhu Aa Tarwata” fame actor Sumanth Ashwin and “Prema Katha Chitram” fame beauty Nanditha came on to the screens as college lovers. After proving themselves with above average youthful entertainers, these actors planned to make a blockbuster in the domain of youthful ventures. Read on to know whether these actors made a huge impact in Tollywood with the latest youthful flick.


Siddhu (Sumanth Ashwin) is a romantic college student. This guy is an expert in flirting but he loses his targets due to Chitra Balasubhramaniam (Nanditha). He tries his luck near Geetha (Tejaswi) and Soumya (Shamili) but faces rejection. Chitra is a head strong girl who doesn’t like love. Meanwhile, Siddhu’s friend tries Soumya and this lad helps them to have happy ending as good lovers. In this process, he understands Chitra and falls in love with this girl. How he manages to make this head strong love hater to fall for him is the rest of the story.


Sumanth Ashwin impressed audience with “Anthaku Mundhu Aa Tarwata”. Compared to this venture, his performance in the present film is a bit less. Everyone expected him to be on high standard but he disappointed audience with low performance. Nanditha was gorgeous. We cannot compare this venture with her performance in “Prema Katha Chitram”. On an average, Nanditha performed well on screen in this flick. Other supporting cast and crew did justice to their roles. Saptagiri once again impressed audience.

Technical Aspects:

Film maker Harinath tried to give his best but the story he selected didn’t give him much scope to give the best on screen. Love story in college days is quite routine and Harinath didn’t make much changes to make it appear different. Even though songs impressed audience with respect to music, their placement didn’t give good feel to the audience. Film director could have adjusted the story to get in sync with the songs and the other plots.

Production values and cinematography are quite decent. Dialogues and editing could have been much better. Lag factor in the film too is a disappointing factor. Second half was well planned but the first half has to be clipped to some extent.

On an average:

On an average, this flick is a routine youthful love story with few hilarious performances. Saptagiri will make you roll on floor in the second half and the film maker could have added few more comedy aspects in the first half. It could have been better if the lag factor gets reduced in the first half. Film looked uneven in this aspect. For this weekend, this venture is a good flick for the youngsters.

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