I Love The Climax! ;) – Sunny Leone

She’s probably the most popular Indian lady of recent times. Her erstwhile career has done more good to her than bad. She’s someone who has made not denied her past and well, she has used it to strengthen her stance in Bollywood.. and how!


Her recent Horrex (Horror+Sex) flick, ‘Ragini MMS 2’ broke the jinx of her films not doing well at the box office! It surprised all with the humongous success it achieved. Collections of a whopping 50 Crores at the box office is a testament to the fact that India is opening up to such films which are otherwise, a taboo!

Well, talking about the ‘climax’, it is of a different kind and Sunny had to ‘act’ for it.
When asked about which part of the movie she loved the most, she said it was the climax!

“I just watched the film’s climax a week before the movie’s release and I can say that with confidence this is something that has never been seen before in an Indian film. It is intense and scary. The only parallel that I can draw, if at all I have to do that, would be with Hollywood horror movies.”, exclaimed Sunny.

Though the eventual results aren’t gory, they are spine-chilling for sure.

“Yes, it’s definitely a combination of a lot of different things. There is some good CG on display but most importantly, there is a lot of insanity in the climax. The prosthetics are never-seen-before kind, the background score is scary to the hilt and the overall sound design would make you want to disappear somewhere. The whole focus is on how crazy a situation can get.”, added Sunny.

Well, with news of her being a part of ‘No Entry’ sequel along with industry bigwigs- Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor, we say she’s simply making the most of her popularity!

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