Loukyam Movie Review

Rating: 2.25/5

Critic Rating: (2.25/5)

Loukyam Movie Review: After few serious mass hits, young and dynamic star Gopichand decided to show his power once again at the box office with “Loukyam”. This venture came up with the upcoming heroine Rakul Preet Singh. The pair of Rakul Preet and Gopichand looked good in the posters. Teasers too teased audience to some extent. Gopichand’s comment relating “Loukyam” and “Atharintiki Daredhi” turned this flick more sensational. Read on to know whether this venture reached those expectations or not.


Film starts with a love pair marriage episode. Venkateswarulu (Gopichand) helps his friend to get married to the lady he wishes. Film maker made sure that he showed the attitude of Venkateshwarulu in this shot. As we move on, Venkateswarulu who is quite helpful to his friends in case of love issues, falls in love Chandrakala (Rakul Preet). Venkateshwarulu tries hard to make Chandrakala fall in love with him and he finally succeeds in this attempt. Chandrakala’s brother Babji (Sampath) takes her away from Venkateshwarulu and in this attempt Keshavulu (Mukesh) tries to kill Chandrakala. How Venkateswarulu saves her and how he manages to settle the issues turns the other part of the story.


Gopichand was give a weighted role in this flick. His character will be fully charged with attitude and a different mannerism. Gopichand tried his best but he was not 100% successful in touching the expectations. Rakul Preet can be stated as an asset for this venture. Even though her character looked to have limited scope, her glamour made this venture move a bit higher. Sampath and Mukesh were fine and they tried to help the main character and the plot to move on the interesting side.

Comedy is up to the mark. Prudhvi and Shakalaka Shankar were given good weightage in this aspect.

Technical Aspects:

It could have been better if the director comes up with a new story. The plot of this venture looked similar to few previous flicks and hence it didn’t show up much on the big screen. Film makers planned it in a commercial way but the story failed to elevate the excitement in the audience. Songs and the background scores too were not pretty impressive. Cinematography was fine and the editing could have been better.

Production values were good while the plot and the other aspects could have been much better for good impact. On an average, technical team failed to use the main cast with right scope and right timing.


Finally, after mass hits, Gopichand is back into the experimental zone. He is experimenting widely with routine stories and this is turning out to be a disaster in his career. This film will be good for few comedy episodes and the glamorous aspects while the story and the remaining things will look routine. Dialogues and few funny episodes will entertain audience to some level but this flick too is continuing the same talk of the past few ventures which were released in this season.

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