Lootera Review

Rating: 3.50/5

Critic Rating: (3.50/5)

If O Henry’s classic had to take the shape of a Bollywood film, that would be Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha’s latest romantic drama that releases today. Lootera is all that one expects in a romantic journey with a person in love – acceptance, deception, betrayal and way back into love. While the film is one of the most awaited ones this year after Raanjhanaa in the romantic section, the audience with a certain taste into poetic love will find it a true delight.

The story is all about an unpredictable meeting between Varun (Ranveer Singh), a smart archaeologist, and Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha), a spoilt rich frivolous daughter of a zamindar in Makinpur. Varun has his hidden motives to visit the small place but somehow ends up falling hopelessly in love with Pakhi, who also develops mutual feelings for him. After a poetic journey in love with romantic songs, aesthetic visuals and hearty exchanges of sweet nothings, Varun and Pakhi get engaged to be married. But as the legacy goes, not all love stories have great endings – do they? The journey gets tough in this tale of romance when Pakhi discovers that Varun suddenly leaves the place without telling her. Will the two meet again? That becomes the rest of the story for the viewer to sink in and ingest.

Lootera doesn’t fail in most spheres. The genre is a predictable romance so the viewer will get exactly what they would feel from within the heart if in the same situation – with an added dose of poetic appeal. The chemistry between Ranveer and Sonakshi, which was much speculative, impresses the audience. The two actors totally take over and live and breathe the characters. Sonakshi simply excels as Pakhi, taking herself to the next level of acting. Anurag Kashyap’s dialogues are simple and even though effective, sometimes don’t really match the situation. The film drags in the second half, making the viewer eagerly wait for the next scene. The director Vikramaditya delivers outstandingly well after ‘Udaan’. His story telling is of highest quality and the costumes stun the audience with elegance and richness.

Lootera is a must watch for lovers and the audience who want to see some spellbound performance from Sonakshi Sinha.

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