Loafer Heroine Disha Patani stalked by male fan in Delhi

The damsel Disha Patani enjoys a huge fan following in Bollywood. With her huge fame, she faced a huge problem from her fan in Delhi.

Disha Patani in Delhi
Disha Patani in Delhi

Disha Patani is known for her beauty and shapes. This actress has blown the minds of Telugu Youth in the film Loafer. After Loafer, she went to Bollywood and rose to fame through steamy photo shoots. She gathered a fame of a star actress even though she has fewer offers, thanks to her lovely figure and hot photos. One of her hard core fans has started to follow her since some days. The guy who claims to be a die-hard fan of Disha used to go to wherever place Disha goes. He had been to malls, shooting spots by following her. Recently while she was staying in a star hotel in New Delhi, he came there and created a scene there. He demanded the hotel security to allow him in for meeting Disha. As they refused to do so, police stepped in and taken into custody.

Bewildered by this unknown follower, Disha has now arranged personal security for her.

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