‘Little Soldiers’ Kavya is back with her marriage

Remember Kavya from the film ‘Little Soldiers,’ well who forget the girl who did a lot of mischievous act in this film. Kavya was popular junior actress during 1996. Her song ‘I am a very good girl’ from ‘Little Soldiers’ brought her big identity in this film.

‘Little Soldiers’ Kavya is back
‘Little Soldiers’ Kavya is back

After all these years, Kavya has once again visited the Telugu audience with the very same song. This girl is now a married one. On the sangeet ceremony of Kavya, her brother remade this old song with some additional cast. Aditya, who played as her brother in the film, was also seen along with Kavya’s parents.

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‘Little Soldiers’ that released in 1996 was a big hit, Gunnam Gangaraju directed it. Ramesh Aravind and Heera’s played the roles as Kavya’s parents, was mesmerizing in this film. This film was not only received widely but also won many awards.

The major highlight of this film was Kavya’s character that played the role of a naughty girl who always troubled her parents and brother. ‘I am very good girl’ song was complete opposite description to her character in this film.

Now, once again after 19 years this song was reprised. Interestingly the same scenes were copied with no mistake undergoing in the song.

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