Linking my name with him is immoral: Amala Paul

Beautiful Mallu actress Amala Paul, who has recently taken divorce from her husband and film director Vijay, has come down heavily on certain media houses for spreading gossips about her and Dhanush.

Amala Paul Affair
Amala Paul Affair

Dhanush and Amala starrer VIP was a massive success, and the hot lady has been repeated in the sequel as well. It is rumored the family members of Amala’s husband asked Dhanush not to rope in Amala, but he didn’t listen.

Amidst rumors surrounding her affair with Dhanush, Amala lambasted the media and called the rumors immoral and unethical. ‘He is a married man and my well-wisher. Not many know that he tried very hard to save my marriage. Rumors on such gentleman hurt me a lot. It’s unethical,’ she said.

Not just Dhanush, Amala is linked with another mystery man post her divorce.

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