LiLo to take psychological counselling!

Actress Lindsay Lohan, who visited rehabilitation centre to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction, has been asked by the court to start a one-on-one psychological counselling within 21 days.

The troubled star appeared before Judge Stephanie Sautner at a Los Angeles courthouse Thursday for a progress hearing where the judge voiced her concerns that Lindsay has not enrolled in one-on-one counselling, as required part of her sentence for taking a necklace from a boutique.

"We’re two months into this and in those two months she has spent over a month incarcerated. She needs to find an individual therapist," Judge Sautner told Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, reports

"I’m going to give her 21 days to provide proof that she has found a counsellor. You are to provide proof to this court. If I do not have proof in 21 days, I will revoke probation and set up a hearing," she said.

Shawn said, "She (Lohan) is indicating to me that that will not be a problem."(IANS)

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