My Life Partner gets an ‘unofficial’ ban!

The movie My Life Partner, directed by actor turned debutant director M B Padmakumar, was supposed to be a groundbreaking movie for many reasons – at least in the message and theme of the movie which had great relevance in today’s societal reflections on certain issues – and it just got a very ‘unofficial’ ban from that very same society!


What are we talking about? Well, rather than the whole society in this case, its a cross section of it, namely some theatre owners who have decided against the movie having any prospects whatsoever. And they accomplished this by simply refusing to screen the film in their theatres!

What did the movie do to deserve such rough treatment?

Well, it’s a story of two guys who are best friends and are crazy about each other living together against people’s wishes. But when they feel the need for a child they bring in an orphaned girl into their lives with the plan that one of them marries the girl (who knows nothing about their attachment to each other) and after having a child, leaves her to be with the other -something they feel that has to be done due to society’s own mistreatment and indifference to their happiness. Things get complicated though when the one who marries the girl slowly falls for her and then truths start revealing themselves.

Get it now? The tones of homosexuality in the story (though it never makes it obvious or depicts it), that goes with two men who love each other is what has made the theatre owners nervous, it seems.

Many of them had, according to Padmakumar, promised to screen the movie until the very last moment but are now giving him the cold shoulder.

What was supposed to be a joyous day for any new director – which is months of hard work and passion for his craft paying off as his or her movie screens for the audience to judge it – has turned out to be a disappointing and sorrowful day indeed for Padmakumar. The little known actor is mainly known for playing the antagonist in the movie Nivedyam a few years back.

The passionate director nearly broke down in a TV interview yesterday, as he explained the problems and also said it is upto the audience to watch it and judge it, but they should, at the very least, get to watch it first.

“I do not know what sin I have committed. I haven’t shown homoerotic scenes in the film and neither have I myself ever indulged in it myself.” Said Padmakumar and added, “I don’t know what I have done to deserve this treatment. I also don’t know if its just my problem, and not the people’s.”

The movie stars Sudev and Ameer Niyas in the lead. Apparently many stars who read and liked the story of the movie initially, later turned away due to the subject matter of the flick which is essentially a love story of two men.

The film is currently being screened only in certain theatres in Ernakulam while the rest of the state has decided against screening it – ‘unofficially’ of course.

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