Lesser Known Facts About Alia Bhatt

Gorgeous actress Alia Bhatt is surely a superstar in the making. Alia was born to filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and actress Soni Razdan and has a sister, Shaheen Bhatt. She also has two half siblings – Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt.She is one of the youngest actresses in Bollywood and one of the most sought after actresses down North. Here we present you the likes and dislikes of this bubbly actress.

Alia Bhatt Unknown Facts
Alia Bhatt Unknown Facts

Alia Bhatt Likes:

1. Alia has a habit of writing dairy for fun. She will read her personal diary when she gets free time.

2. Alia is a bookish knowledge gainer. In the recent times, she reads books such as The Fault In Our Stars, Fiction, Thriller.

3. She likes Tom and Jerry Cartoon show very much.

4. Alia likes Chocolate flavor ice cream. She never tastes other flavors.
Alia always likes to eat French Fries with Sauce.

5. The bubbly actress beaches very much and more than that she loves hill stations. Himachal Pradesh is Alia’s favorite place.

6. Alia likes long drives very much, and she loves street food a lot.

7. If anyone asks, what she likes in her, Alia says her cheeks spot.

8. Alia likes late night parties.

9. She likes hard working people and spends a lot of time with them to learn work from them.

Alia Bhatt Dislikes:

1. Alia dislikes the tag Cute Girl. She likes to be called as Sexy Girl than a cute girl.

2. She hates unhealthiness.

3. Alia wants to stand by herself without support from anyone.

4. She never likes the changing of decision for someone, but with a smile, she said that it’s quite common in film industry.

5. She is very afraid of darkness. She never sleeps without bed light.
Alia is affected by sleepless disorder (insomnia).

6. She dislikes lazy people and the people with cruelty towards others.

7. Alia always keeps in distance with smokers.

8. She is afraid of flight journey.

9. Alia Bhatt hates hot drinks.

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