Lena plays a cop in Vikramadithyan

Lal Jose’s Vikramadithyan starring Dulquer Salman, Unni Mukundan and Namitha Pramod is on its way and now we have another addition to the interesting cast mix – Lena donning the role of a policewoman for the second time in her career.


Everyone remembers her bold portrayal of a no nonsense IPS officer in Mohanlal starrer Spirit and the actress must have loved it as she seems all too happy to be wearing the Khaki uniform one more time.

It was reported that Anoop Menon also plays a Konkani cop named Vasudeva Shenoy in the movie. It will be interesting to the see what the dynamic of his relationship with Lena’s character will be.

The actress recently posted a picture of her in uniform for the role in Vikramadithyan, depicting what she calls the ‘three stages of Lakshmy’s life’ – Lakshmy Nayar being the name of her character as visible in her name tag in the pic.

The beautiful and mature actress is not known for shying away from raw characters and her memorable performance in the movie Ayal which got her much acclaim stands as testament to that fact.

Vikramadithyan tells the story of two guys, Vikram and Adithyan, who grew up almost like brothers but are complete opposites when it comes to behavior and personality. Their lives change when the character of Namitha Pramod (also a Konkani speaking character) enters the scene and the ensuing events form the rest of the plot.

Dulquer Salman described the experience of being directed by Lal Jose in the flick as simply ‘being directed by one of the true greats of Malayalam cinema’. Well, all one can say is that the movie is shaping up to be pretty intriguing…

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