Legend Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

When Balakrishna sees his mother (Suhasini) murdered in front of him. He takes revenge by killing everybody responsible for it. He kills Japathibabu’s father too. When his grandmother admonishes for what he has done, his father(Suman) supports him and says he has done what is right and he sees him as the hope for the people. Jagapathi Babu takes revenge and murders his father Suman. A serious of fights for supremacy and revenge happens between Balakrishna and Jagapathi Babu. Balakrishna’s grandmother sends Krishna(Balakrishna) away to London to keep him away from all the disputes at Vizag. But when he returns to vizag he finds out how people are suffering because of Jithendra (Jagapathi Babu).

Jagapathi Babu attacks Krishna (Balakrishna) and all his family while going for his marriage. When Krishna(Balakrishna) is shot and wounded and nobody to save him, his brother Balakrishna(dual role) is revealed and will come and rescue them. Story moves back and forth revealing Krishna’s Brother(Balakrishna) flashback. Remaining story is about Elder Balakrishna resolving the conflicts and being accepted by his grandmother and he resolving to be with people and protect them restoring the political system.

Balakrishna performed very well in dual roles. Jagapathi Babu character is designed well and did commendable performance as a powerful villain, matching Balakrishna’s performance. Drama between Balakrishna and Jagapthi Babu is violent and intense. Unlike many Telugu films, it is nice to see Telugu actor doing a villain role. Dance, fights and dialogues are big assets for the film.

Radhika Apte and Sonal Chauhan suited the roles and performed well. Bramhanandam, though appears for few scenes in the opening of the film, entertained audience well and set the right mood for the film to start off.

Director Boyapati Srinu, successfully made an action packed drama, perfectly blending all the right commercial elements for a blockbuster film. Executed the pre-climax sentiment scenes well and scored as a Director who can balance both family drama and violence. Climax scenes and dialogues reflect current political scenario in our country. Very structured screenplay made the story interesting.

Powerful dialogues elevated Balakrishna’s character well. Fights and stunts are choreographed very well.

Devi Sri Prasad songs and background music is excellent and mass numbers are a delight for Balakrishna fans.

Cinematography is another asset for the film. Few songs are shot in beautiful landscapes outdoors. Songs shot in the indoor too stand out with lavish set designs and vivid colours.

A must watch commercial hit film from Director Boyapati Srinu with hero Balakrishna.

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