Legal Notices To Veerey Di Wedding Unit

Haryana based singer Vikas Kumar sent a legal notice to the makers of ‘Veerey Di Wedding’. Vikas alleges that the song ‘Hat Ja Tau’ from this movie was originally sung by him, but he was not given any credits for using the song in the movie. He filed a legal case against the makers for ‘Copy Right Infringement’.

Vikas Kumar
Vikas Kumar

Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, and Swara Bhaskar as the leads this movie Veerey Di Wedding is being made. Vikas Kumar’s legal assistant told to the media that the makers of Veerey Di Wedding have used the song without his permission. “The makers will have to seek an apology from Vikas for using his song. Also, they have to pay him an amount of Rs. 7 Crores. If they fail to do this they will have to face the law. We have also raised an issue at the CFBC- Central Board of Film Certification”, Vikas’s lawyer informed the media.

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