Leave Sonakshi alone

Reports about Sonakshi Sinha’s serial scuffles with Katrina Kaif and other actresses have upset her mother Punam, who is far from amused by these tales of her daughter’s apparent animosity towards the fair sex."We don’t know where these stories are coming from. But this is not our daughter," said Poonam.

"One day we read she has a problem with Katrina Kaif. What problem? Katrina had endorsed the product that Sonakshi has lately started endorsing? But Katrina stopped endorsing that product 10 years ago. So where is the question of any stress over that issue? When the stories began to grow my daughter even sent Katrina a message explaning there was absolutely no ill-will between them. Katrina never replied," she added.

Sonakshi became popular after featuring in super hit film ‘Dabangg’ with Salman Khan.

The fact that Sonakshi’s father is a controversial politician only adds to the conspiracy theory regarding his daughter. Those close to Sonakshi feel there’s much more to these attempts to portray her as a pushy spoilport than meets the eye.

Punam exonerates Katrina, Zarine Khan or Anushka Sharma of any hand in the reputation.

"Whether it’s Katrina, Zarine or Anushka, they’re good girls from cultured families. I feel it’s people around them who are creating trouble. We feel some people just can’t bear the thought of our daughter becoming so popular with just one film. Why? There’s so much space and place for everyone. Please let Sonakshi be. It’s becoming very difficult for her to work in such a suffocating atmosphere," she said.

Sonakshi herself tried to laugh off her discernible discomfort at the embarrassing reputation of a belligerent girl that she was being saddled with.

"Every morning I wake up wondering who is the new person I’m fighting with. It’s better not to react and just focus on my work," she said.(IANS)

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