LB Sriram May Bag Awards

He might come across as a face in the crowd when off the screen but on it, he is the most versatile and talented artiste. He is none other than L B Sriram and now he might just be on his way to clinch a series of awards. This would be for an exceptional performance he came up with.

The film is ‘Sontha Ooru’ and LB was seen in the role of a graveyard keeper. Those who have seen the film are in awe of LB’s performance and his deep and meaningful dialogues. The word of mouth is that LB is standing a very high chance of getting few awards for his performance.

Known for his distinct dialogue delivery, L B is a true inspiration for many aspiring actors given his rags to riches story. With a memorable performance like this, he has set a new standard and benchmark. One hopes to see more of such acts from this talented personality.

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