‘Lava Kusa’ in 2D animation

City-based Rayudu Vision Media Limited (RVML) on Friday announced that their first, full-length 2D animated feature film ‘Lava Kusa, The Warrior Twins’, targeting all people of ages and segments of society, would hit the big screens this summer.

At a press conference, CEO R.V. Rayudu said they had invested Rs. 100 crore in the media venture RVML and that the verticals would include animation institutes and a Telugu television channel. The venture marks the diversification of the Rayudu Laboratories, known as a manufacturer of specialty inks, into the animation business. The film based on a story from the epic Ramayana would be released in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil and directed by veteran Dhavala Satyam. The film was been entirely made at RVML laboratories, that has 400 people working on animation projects. Once ‘Lava Kusa’ is released, work will begin on ‘Pappu – The Saviour’ and the television series Leo n’ Meo.

RVML Joint MD, Rayudu V. Sashank said “The film is made up of songs with catchy tunes, action, comedy and characters (both human beings and animals) that maintain true friendship with visual effects targeted at all age groups, making it a family entertainer.” Music for the film is scored by S.L. Vaidyanathan and comprises notes from traditional and Western instruments in a melodious blend. The five songs in the film are sung by K.J. Yesudas, Shankar Mahadevan, Chitra and Sadhana Sargam in Telugu and Hindi, with lyrics penned by Veturi Sundarama Murthy (Telugu), Pandit Kiran Mishra (Hindi) and Pirai Sudan (Tamil)(The Hindu).


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