Lathi Charge Because of Samantha

Samantha is one of the top heroines in the Telugu film industry. She is certainly one of the actresses who has got a lot of craze in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Though the actress hails from Tamil Nadu, she is a popular heroine in Telugu film industry. She even acted with Tamil heroes like Vikram, Vijay and established a huge fan base over there.

Samantha in Krishnagiri
Samantha in Krishnagiri

Recently, Samantha was in Chennai for the opening of a Jewellery showroom. The fans who have come to know that Samantha is coming for the opening of the showroom have gathered in large number to have a glimpse of their favorite actress. The cops were shocked to see a large gathering as they did not expect that the people will come in such a huge number. The police have to bring in a lot of force to control the crowd, and at a certain point they have failed to control them and had to do Lathi charge on the fans.

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