The latest sensation – Suchileaks2

The Tamil film industry was shaken completely in the early months of this year with the famous Suchileaks. After a brief gap, it is back with a bang.


None can forget the way Suchileaks has shattered the personal lives of some celebrities like Dhanush, Andrea, Anirudh, Trisha and others before one month. The unknown Twitter handle has released private pictures and videos of many celebrities and made them spend sleepless nights. All of a sudden, the Suchileaks was silent as all thought the cyber crime police department has cleared this handle. But no, here comes a big shock that this is back with Suchileaks 2.0. As told earlier, it did reveal some pictures and updated that some videos are still to come. Whoever are doing this, they have an agenda to reveal life secrets of the mentioned celebrities with a purpose.

Even the original owner Suchitra who was out of India for this issue came back recently and expressed her sadness for the damage occurred with her name. Let’s see what this second version will reveal more.

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