Late Joy Mukherjee’s film releases after 40 years

Bollywood is proud of acting legends that brought in various genres with impact – be it actors, directors or other technicians. This has been an industry that welcomed creativity without barriers. To this effect many great films have been made and are still being produced. Joy Mukherjee, one of the greatest Actor Bollywood has ever seen, also made an attempt with direction. Few know about his directorial abilities as the actor was mostly seen in romantic dramas. There is a sudden surprise now as his 40 year old film made way back will now hit the theatres – finally, thanks to his children. The film that was made by Joy, had to be shelved due to lack of promotion and budget. His children have lately traced his work from his possessions and have decided to realise their father’s dream. ‘Love in Bombay’, directed by Joy Mukherjee and stars him and Waheeda Rahman in the leads, will finally see the light of the day, now being released in select theatres. The story that revolves around two lovers in a ship was then made with a budget of 30 to 40 lakhs – almost equivalent of 300 crores in today’s calculation. A love story with more than just one love involved to make it happen. Don’t miss it!

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