Lata’s purse lost at TTD function

Lata Mangeshkar on Sunday lost her purse containing cash, credit cards and flight tickets to Mumbai. This comes a day after she participated in the TTD’s Nada Neerajanam at Tirumala.

Sources said Ms Mangeshkar, after participating in the programme on Saturday night, returned to the Reliance guest house where her entourage was accommodated. She woke up in the morning and found that her purse was missing.

Her secretary and family members made enquires and came to the conclusion that the purse was lost at the Nada Neerajanam mandapam. When members of her entourage took up the matter with the TTD officials, none of them responded despite repeated calls. They were said to be busy with the Chief Minister’s visit.

Upset with the development, Ms Mangeshkar retired to her suite and started weeping. She was consoled by family members, a TTD staff said.

The entourage found itself in a fix as the purse contained flight tickets from Tirupati to Mumbai via Hyderabad. Their flight to Hyderabad was scheduled to leave the Renigunta airport at 12.30 pm. With help coming from no TTD officials, members of the entourage finally contacted the TTD executive officer, Mr I.Y.R. Krishna Rao, who arranged duplicate flight tickets.

The TTD EO, Mr Krishna Rao, said he was not aware of it. He said “duplicate flight tickets were arranged for the entourage” giving credence to the speculation that her purse was stolen.(DC)


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