The Last Supper gets Bollywood Remake?

The Last Supper, the adventure/thriller flick with an undertone of humor, which released today (May 9), hasn’t even got its first reviews out yet and there are already talks of doing a Hindi remake by the same director, Vinil Vasu.


Apparently, Vinil, who was born and brought up in Mumbai, has connections in the industry there and is in contact with leading stars about doing a Bollywood version of the movie, with him at the helm – with the same title but a much larger budget.

The Malayalam version stars Unni Mukundan, Pearle Manney and Anu Mohan in the lead roles while Arun Narayanan and Sreenath Bhasi among others form the supporting cast.
The plot revolves around three friends who go to an exotic location and get involved in unraveling a mystery surrounding it, leading to a chain of events laid out with a touch of hilarity that end up changing their lives.

Gopi Sunder has composed the tuned for this flick with Rafeeq Ahammed penning down the lyrics.In fact, the audio of the film was launched at the inaugural ceremony of Gopi Sunder’s own music company.

Ajayan Vincent handled the cinematography, while Shameer Sainu and Deepak Dharaneendran wrote the screenplay and dialogues.

S. George produces the movie under the banner of CYN CYL Celluloid.

Let’s wait a while and see what the fans have to say about this ambitious venture.

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