Lara-Mahesh head for FIFA

Football fever’s raging, world over. So can B-townies not be affected? Of course, not!

There’s the sexy Lara Dutta who can’t seem to decide whether her loyalties lie with Argentina or Brazil ‘coz they are both her favourites to win the cup. Hmm.. we can’t help wondering though who she’ll cheer for if both the teams end up playing each other in the finals. Incidentally Mahesh Bhupati and Lara are being talked about as the most sporting couple in Bollywood. The two “good friends” (even the term has become a farce) are done with their trip for a film awards night and their PR machinery is now leaking out stories saying their next destination could be South Africa, to catch some football action. Lara could give some of the WAGs competition. She’s hot all right!

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