Lap-Talk: When Deepika Padukone sat on Arjun Kapoor’s Lap!

Yea! Yea! Even we are surprised to see the PDA between Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor. Recently at the Music Launch of Finding Fanny, we saw some serious affectionate display between the co-stars Deepika and Arjun.


While throughout the event the there was this unmissable chemistry between the two, but much to our surprise Deepika went on to sit upon Arjun’s Lap. And this definitely made Arjun squirm in his seat. We aint quite certain was it the lack of seating arrangement at the multiplex or this was a deliberate move, but it certainly did create some waves.

I am quite contemplating what would Ranveer’s reaction to this little PDA between his ladylove and her alleged devar. We all know the brewing bromance between Arjun and Ranveer and the romance between Ranveer and Deepika. And now we are just left wondering what is brewing between whom!

There was quite some Lap-Talk Arjun and Dips shared at the event recently!

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