Lal to star in his son’s film!

Veteran filmmaker and actor Lal, has proven his talent in a variety of ways in versatile roles, both onscreen and off, and his son seems to be following in his path quite well.


Jean Paul Lal or Lal Jr. as he is called made a sterling entry into the movie biz with his maiden directorial venture Honey Bee, the romantic comedy released in 2013 which was received well by the audience. Now he’s set to repeat the success but with a different formula – a psychological thriller this time – and it stars none other than his father!

Truly, it must be a proud moment for Lal Sr. , who started off as a filmmaker before becoming an acclaimed actor, to be directed by his son.

The movie is titled Hi I am Tony, and it also stars Asif Ali and Mia George, along with Biju Menon and Asha Sharath in supporting roles.

The story which is set in Bangalore is about a couple living a relatively normal and happy life, when their lives are turned upside down by stranger who suddenly and abruptly enters their world. If the title is some hint of this event, then that stranger is obviously named Tony and it is this character that Lal will play.

Psychological thrillers have had a strained history in Malayalam; while some of them, like the iconic Manichithrathazhu have been classics, others have played out less well. It still remains, however, one of the lesser explored genres in the industry.

Though the recent wave of new generation filmmakers have brought with them a newfound enthusiasm for this area of storytelling, it remains to be seen how many such movies the audiences embrace.

Now, while Lal Jr. also reportedly has plans for a sequel to Honey Bee, Lal Sr. is currently busy as an actor with multiple projects – chief among them being the Prithviraj starrer Ennu Ninte Moideen, in which he plays Prithvi’s father.

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