Lal Jr will direct Mammootty next!

Lal Jr is definitely going places, and it seems the talented youngster has everything going for him, including the good fortune of starting out at the right time in Mollywood.


Yes, a few years ago, the Malayalam film industry was a completely different scene when legends worked on screen and off, and new comers were overshadowed by the big names. But things have changed indeed and now is the right time for up and coming film makers in the industry to shine, and Lal Jr is one of the lucky ones – though good genes do play a certain role, one supposes.

The son of the veteran film maker and actor Lal, is all set to direct Megastar Mammootty next!

This was revealed recently by the proud father himself in a television interview, and so the source is credible. Lal is the lead in his son’s second feature length directorial venture, Hi I’m Tony, which is set to release on July 26th. He also added that he will probably play a pivotal role in the Mammootty starrer too.

Lal Jr didn’t get where he did simply by standing on the shoulders of his beloved and very well respected father though.. no. The youngster graduated from the New York Film Academy and proceeded to pursue his passion by making short films first.

His short film Debt won him a State Award and his other short film Vekkada Vedi was also much appreciated by the viewers.

His feature film debut came in the form of the romantic comedy Honey Bee which turned out to be a commercial success that gained him a solid footing in the industry. The film starred Asif Ali in the lead.

His upcoming flick with his father in the lead – Hi I’m Tony – stars Asif too, along with Mia George, Biju Menon, Lena and Asha Sharath. The posters and the trailer of the flick came out to a tremendously positive response, and it is certainly intriguing. The movie is touted as a nail biting thriller.

Lal Jr seems hell bent oon proving he is not a one trick pony with his diverse projects and let’s hope the Mammootty one will hit the nail right on the head too.

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