Lakshmi’s dominating attitude

The recent audio function of Manchu Manoj’s film Potugadu has not only seen the colourful release of the music CD but fireworks – something else that shocked everyone right on the spot – Lakshmi Manchu’s demanding attitude on stage. Apparently, Sister Manchu was busy calling out everybody’s name to come on to the stage, and the list included actor Varun Sandesh. The actor, who was sitting right in the front row, did not respond to her call out, first time. This irked the pretty woman who spontaneously added a line to her call out the second time – “Ninnu 2nd time pilavaala?” (Meaning “Do I have to call you 2 times?”). Varun was heavily embarrassed with that and came running on to the stage. Now, everyone knows the commanding demeanor of Manchu folks – but this one takes the cake.

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