Lakshmi Rai gave clarity on n**e video

Lakshmi Rai on Nude Video

Lakshmi Rai came across a problem in the form of a n**e video which was rounding in the internet under her name. After passing through few social media sites, it finally caught the eye of Lakshmi Rai. She immediately took charge and gave clarity to all her fans saying that it is not her who is in the video.

She mentioned that her face has been morphed and some idiotic guys published the video in the internet. Lakshmi Rai stated that she is going to take legal action on the culprits and she decided to seek the help of Cyber Crime departments.

This is not the first time for an actress to come across this kind of aspects and hence we can expect all the heroines who encountered this sort of situation in the past to support Lakshmi Rai in blasting the culprits.

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