Lakshmi Rai becomes Raai Lakshmi!

If you thought that tinsel town couldn’t get any stranger, here’s a news flash – it just did! The stunning and sultry actress Lakshmi Rai, who had made quite a ‘name’ for herself in the business and among the fans, has decided that it’s high time that she change that name – to Raai Lakshmi!!


Yes, the gorgeous actress feels that the shuffling of the words makes a strong enough statement and now makes up for the ‘punch’, she feels, the previous name lacked! Apparently, she also feels that the name Lakshmi sounded too soft for her personality and now that she’s doing more action roles, the change had to be made.

‘Raai’ also says people never called her Lakshmi anyway – it always used to be either Rai or Laksmi Rai – and so, even her father had been suggesting that she choose a name more suited to her real self.

The starlet admits that she had been meaning to do it for over a year now, but couldn’t because of prior commitments and she couldn’t get it done when she was younger, because her family moved around a lot and school documentation and official names became an issue.

Whatever the case, from now onwards, she is to be credited in her films as Raai Lakshmi – and by the way, the extra ‘a’ in the first name is just for that added ‘oomph’!

Well folks, you know what they say – a rose by any other name…

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