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“Lakshmi Kalyanam” got to a much delayed release all over the state, but it sustained the expectations of Teja-brand seekers to a considerable level. It comes out with regular storyline, but dramatic treatment of the same. He also succeeds in giving a mass touch to this rustic backdrop movie. After a many twist and turn, the title is justified.
If you pour water between these two villages Rayavaram and Kondapalli, it will engulf both like petrol. Wrecked by old rivalry, it would prove nightmare to villagers even to risk entry into each other’s zone.
Ramu (Kalyan Ram) is the nephew of Chenchu Ramayya (Sayaji Shinde) and lives in Rayavaram. Lakshmi (Kaajal) is the daughter of Chenchu Ramayya. Ramu and Lakshmi are buddies; and both are in love with each other! Bujji (Srinivasa Reddy), childhood friend of Ramu is in love with Parijatham (Suhasini), the daughter of Pankajam (Subhasini), a traditional village dancer (Devadasi). Chenchu Ramayya wants to get her daughter married to Madan, a villager who had returned from Malaysia.
Giri (Ajay), son of Kondapalli village President wants to cow down Pankajam and use her to the carnal desires of his friend. Bujji, Lakshmi and Pankajam study in one college. Giri goes to the college to kill Bujji, but at the same time, he sees Lakshmi, and his attention gets diverted. From that second onwards, Giri is after Lakshmi.
Ramu gives a stern warning to Giri, who comes to know that all of them – Ramu, Lakshmi, Bujji and Pankajam – hail from the same village. Now the fight is between two villages. What happens next? It forms the climax.
Kalyan Ram has shed his image-consciousness and acted in tune with the story requirements. He played the role of a villager with ease. However, his characterization suffers from lack of clarity and is often dominated by his rival (the villain).New face Kaajal is glamorous and beautiful as well. She also emoted well, besides doing fine in song and dance divisions.Ajay appears as villain. And he did with perfect finish. In several scenes, he dominates the hero with strong histrionics. Raghu Babu brings relief with his comedy.Sayaji Shinde’s role as heroine’s father and his overall  characterization is adequate.
All others have done well within their limitations as required by the story.
Technical Values
After a long gap, Teja has come out with convincing village tale, yet with some inherent drawbacks. His screenplay and direction is impressive in parts, but there is not much to expect on the lines of his initial movies.
The story conceived in the backdrop of village feuds sounds routine. It is only the climax that the audience feel some twists, but at the same time to an expected climax.Music by RP Patnaik is average to good. Mani Sharma’s background score is an asset. The bullock cart race episode is worth mentioning. Horseman Babu’s stunts are delivered with considerable punch.Cinematography is good and the capture of the rural beauty (of Madanapalli area in Chittoor district) is commendable.Dialogues by Paruchuri Brothers are impressive in certain scenes. But going by the rural backdrop, there is also some overdose in this department.Comedy is good, but insufficient.
The movie is opened to an average talk. It might work well in B and C centers.
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