Laila Majnu

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REVIEW :  LAILA MAJNUINTRODUCTIONThere is a moral in this movie. If you love your son, do not make a movie with your son as hero. Harivaran, the hero of this film, is the son of the Co-Producer Ragutu Satyanarayana.THE STORYVicky and Rakhee are rivals. Of course, there is no need to know. They are also sworn enemies bent upon destroying each other. Now, Siddharth, brother of Vicky  and Mahi, sister of Rakhee conveniently fall in love. An enraged Vicky tries to kill Rakhee and in the melee, accidentally stabs his own brother. Regret and remorse prepare a ground for the lovers to unite, but not before they prove their love to each other by interchanging their dwellings. The hero goes to the heroine’s house and vice versa to convince their respective in-laws.ARTISTES PERFORMANCEThe hero, in real life, is said to be a professional athlete, specifically running. It would be good for him, better for the film industry and best for the audience, to run away from acting in films. His entire talent may just allow him to participate at a school level mimicry contest. If I were one of the judges, he wouldn’t get any prize. The heroine has talent, but she is in the wrong movie. There is nothing to say much about others. To perform, you require a story.TECHNICAL PERFORMANCEDirector Anji Sreenu invented a new terminology called cut-and-paste screenplay. Cut a few scenes from five different  films and a montage of this becomes the story for another movie. The less said about other departments, the better. Without a blue-print, what can anybody build ? Even a reputed music director gives a lack-luster output.


If you want to get even with an enemy, take him/her to this movie. It is so sad that the collective taste of the audience is taken for granted

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