Lady tactically robbed director’s I-Phone!

Director Lekh Tandon

Bollywood director Lekh Tandon who is known for his serials and films, faced a tough situation. It seems that a lady who asked Lekh to direct a flick which she is producing, robbed his phone at the end of the story. Lekh Tandon filed a police complaint in Mumbai and as per the version of the police department, Lekh Tandon lost his I-Phone 5 which costs around Rs.30000.

It seems that a lady who is not known to the director came to him and asked him to direct a film which she will produce in near future. Soon after the discussion, she asked him his phone as her phone’s battery got drained out. After few minutes of talking in that I-Phone, she narrowly escaped from the arena without his notice.

Reacting to this situation, Lekh filed a complaint in the police station and the officials are in search of that lady. Stay tuned to know whether this director got his I-Phone or not.

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