Lacchimdeviki O Lekkundi Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Horror comedies is a trend created by Prema Katha Chitram and is continuing. Many had tried their hand in this genre and failed miserably. Con films are not regular films in our Telugu films until Swami Ra Ra. After Swami Ra Ra it has also become a trend. Jagadeesh Thalasila, who worked as an assistant director to S S Rajamouli debuting into film direction is making his debut as director with LOL aka Lacchimdeviko Lekkundhi, said as Horror Con Thriller, produced under Mayukha Creations by Sai Prasad Kamineni. Let’s see how it works on us.

A Still from lacchimdeviki o lekkundi
A Still from lacchimdeviki o lekkundi


Naveen (Naveen Chandra) is a helpdesk assistant in Janatha Bank of India, where Somayajulu (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a manager and Devi (Lavanya Tripathi) as a cashier or something (No clarity of role is shown). Reserve Bank of India orders all the banks to upload the data of Unclaimed accounts on their bank’s respective websites. Mahesh (Ajay) and Jyothi (Bhanu) plans to cash those unclaimed accounts by joining Naveen. They do as they planned and when they are about to receive money, bank manager Somayajulu reveals some important things about the persons of whom Mahesh and Jyothi are trying to cash. What are the things Somayajulu revealed?? Who are Mahesh and Jyothi?? What is the motive of Bank Manager Somayajulu?? How they cash unclaimed accounts forms rest of the story.

lacchimdeviki o lekkundi movie poster
lacchimdeviki o lekkundi movie poster

Cast and Performance

Naveen Chandra as Naveen is good. He performed well in his role of a careless youth who is in constant search of luck and money. He is looking routine on screen with his beard right from his debut movie. Lavanya Tripathi as Devi is nice. Her performance as a good and well mannered girl is great. Her transformation from normal girl to goddess and ghost is superb and her performance in those roles is fantabulous. Jaya Prakash Reddy as Somayajulu, a bank manager rocked in this movie as usual with his style of performance. He crooned a song in this movie and is good. Bhadram is good in his role. Narra Srinivas, Brahmaji, Sufi Sayyad, Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu and others got a very less screen presence and we feel like they are just okay as additional casting.

Writing Department

Plot Idea of the movie is nice and novel by Jagadeesh Talasila. Screenplay in mediocre. It should have been a much better as movie is slow paced at various scenes. Dialogues are good. Scripting should have been better.

Technical Departments

Songs by MM Keeravani are good. But it is his background music which do magic with the movie. It is very good. Cinematography by Eswar Yellumahathi is nice. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is average. There are a lot of scenes to be chopped. VFX of the movie looks artificial. Production values are good.


Novel plot line
Lavanya Tripati as Uma Devi
Jaya Prakash Reddy as Manager Somayajulu


Slow paced first half


Movie begins with disclosing about unclaimed accounts. This half runs in a slow paced way and ends in an interesting note. First half doesn’t reveal much story of the movie but builds a pace to the movie. Many a times audience get bored in this half. Second half begins with revealing the actual story with lots of twists and turns. Movie gains some momentum in this half and turns interesting. Lavanya Tripati and Jaya Prakash Reddy steals the show with their super stuffed performance. Audience start to predict the coming up twists after a certain point of time into the movie. This movie is more like a heroine oriented movie as Naveen Chandra is ignored in many scenes.To sum up, LOL is an average attempt.

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