KVP, a broker not kingmaker: Konda

The former minister and a well known supporter of Mr Jagan Mohan Reddy, Ms Konda Surekha, has accused the Rajya Sabha member Dr K.V.P. Ramachandra Rao of being a power broker, corrupt, and deceptive, in an open letter released to the press on Friday.

In the extraordinary aggressive four-page letter, Ms Surekha said Mr Ramachandra Rao, who was a friend of the late Dr Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy, was using his influence as adviser to the government to earn several hundred crores of rupees, benefitting from several scams in the Jalayagnam projects.

“No one knows what advice you have tendered to the government. It would be better if you make them public for the sake of the state, but according to me you took advantage as best friend of late YSR and amassed a lot of wealth with the connivance of the then irrigation minister, Mr Ponnala Laxmaiah,” Ms Surekha charged adding that Dr Ramachandra Rao was never a “kingmaker”.

She has also held Dr Ramachandra Rao indirectly responsible for the helicopter accident in which YSR died. “You were the security adviser to government at that time, but you ignored the security issue and concentrated on earnings. Due to your failure YSR died. Why did you not resign your post then?” she asked.

She has also held him responsible for the signature campaigning to make Jagan Mohan Reddy Chief Minister without his knowledge. She said he acted as a pawn in the hands of the Congress high command to divide the YSR family by encouraging Mr Vivekananda Reddy against Mr Jagan.

She further stated: “You were nothing and useless in your life, it was YSR who encouraged you and made you a friend, but you have ditched him. Is this the way a friend behaves?” Ms Surekha’s impassioned letter has become a hot topic in Congress circles and there is much speculation about who could have instigated this direct attack on a family friend of the late YSR.


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