Why Kushboo Won’t Act With Rajinikanth?

Kollywood actress Kushboo is now in the processing of surprising audience with her statements. She mentioned that she will prefer Kamal Hassan over Rajinikanth. Frankly speaking, she stated that she won’t work with Rajinikanth even if she gets a chance.

Kushboo Rajinikanth

Coming to Kamal Hassan, she is ready to grab the offer. “What is the difference between these 2?” turned out to be a point. In fact, Rajinikanth is more popular than Kamal Hassan and the heroines who worked with Rajini turned out to be the super heroines in the recent times.

In this scenario, “Why did Kushboo give a negative statements towards working with Rajini?” turned interesting. Looks like, Kushboo is considering the romantic angle in the actors. While Rajinikanth is a bit reserved, Kamal Hassan is good at romance.

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