Kushal Tandon is an Idiot Says, Ameesha Patel!

Kushal Idiot Says Ameesha
Kushal Idiot Says Ameesha

TV actor Kushal Tandon had accused actress Ameesha Patel of not standing when the National Anthem was playing at the start of a film in a Theatre. After two days, Ameesha shot back at Kushal calling him as idiot and shame to the society.

Remember Kushal Tandon, one of the most controversial participant on Bigg Boss? Now once again he is back in the news again. Now he targeted Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel.

Here is Ameesha Tweets:

She questioned, ‘Idiot Kushal Tandon had the nerve to tweet that I didn’t get up during national anthem. Did the jackass ask why?

Women we all need to slap kushal. I had the monthly girly problem. Getting up wud have caused a blood flow on the theatre ground

I waited for the film to start so I cud address my GirLY problem in the bathroom. Didn’t know that kushal wud make it a national issue,’ cited the actress as the reason for not standing up.

‘Assholes like kushal who invade the privacy of a woman n their problems need 2 b slapped.idiot culdnt even win big boss

I feel like laughing because no one including me n my friends even recognised him. He needed 2 tweet for publicity. What a jackass

Men like him who have forced a woman 2 speak about her intimate girly problems are jerks .. He is a shame to society

It is disgusting to all women that I had to openly justify a regular problem that women face evry month.. Kushal is an asshole

He is immature n u guess needed some topic to be noticed publicly… Shameful.. I had to actuli speak about an intimate detail Bkoz of him

Obviously kushal had no mothers n sisters or any steady girlfriend so he doesn’t know when to open his durty mouth n respect girly intimacy,’ concluded the ‘Nani’ actress.

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