Kurukshetra Shaping Up In Kannada

Kurukshetra is the title of the upcoming Kannada movie which is made in a prestigious manner. Munirathna is producing the film under Vrushabadri productions. Naganna is the director of the movie. The dubbing works are currently in progress in Akash studio. The makers are very much happy with the output of the film.

Kurukshetra Movie
Kurukshetra Movie

Actor Darshan is playing Duryodhana, Arjun is playing Karna, Ambarish is playing Bheeshma, Ravi Chandran is playing lord Sri Krishna, Danish is playing Bheema, Sashi Kumar is playing Dharma Raju, Sonu Sood is playing Arjuna, Chandan is playing Sahadeva, Yashan Surya is playing Nakula, Nikhil is playing Abhimanyu, Ravi Shankar is playing Sakuni, Bharati is playing Kunthi, Sneha is playing Draupathi, Rakshayana Venkatesh is playing Shalya, Srinath is playing Drona and Ramesh is playing Vijrudu in the movie.

The majority of the film’s shoot took place in Ramoji film city. J K Dharavi has provided the dialogues for the movie. Jayanan Vincent is the cinematographer of the movie.

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