Kurradu Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

What it’s all about?

The film Kurradu is a story of a typical teenager who is irresponsible. All that he is interested is having a gala time with friends. The hero has a passion for bikes and when he finally acquires a bike, his most prized possession; it changes his life for ever. How and in what way is the story.

The plot:
Varun (Varun Sandesh) is a happy go lucky teenager. But he is not happy at the spartan middle class life provided by his father Tanikella Bharani. Varun wants to buy a bike and forces his father to give him his hard earned money for buying a bike. Varun finally fulfils his dream of owning a bike. He now lands a job in a bank in the loans department.

Varun’s job is to recover money from defaulters. Varun who has been chasing a girl Hema (Neha Sharma) for two years finally manages to pick up courage and tell her that he lovers her. She also responds positively.

Varun’s father, mother and sister are all very happy as he has now turned into a loving and caring young man who knows what to do with his life. However fate has something else in store for him. His bike is stolen and Varun is embroiled in a bitter brawl with the brother of a dreaded gangster.

While Varun is running from pillar to post to get back his lost bike, the gangster’s brother is now out to finish him. How Varun tackles the big problems in his life is the story.

The Actors:
Varun Sandesh comes up with a much better performance than in his earlier films. For a change he plays a responsible teenager who knows his duties and responsibilities towards his family and carries it out in right earnest.

The Chirutha heroine Neha Sharma plays Varun’s love interest in the film. She has shed a lot of weight and now looks slim and fit. Neha however needs to hone up her acting skills considerably.

Tanikella Bharani comes up with a heart touching performance as a hard working middle class person. His interactions with Varun have been dealt well by the director bring out the best of Bharani.

Ravi Shankar as the notorious gangster Sathya does a neat job.

Ali plays the role of Jilani, a loan defaulter who tries to hoodwink the bank agent with his weird get ups. Ali manages to tickle the funny bone and MS Narayana and Chitram Seenu also do a decent job.

The bottom line:
Kurradu is a film that has all the mass elements. The film revolves around two things, the hero and his bike. Director Sandeep Gunnam manages to weave an interesting fare, nothing great but just okay.

The fate of the film now rest in the hands of the target audience – teenagers.

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