‘Kunchacko is arrogant and a cheat’ – producers

Now that’s what we call turning the tables! In shocking twist to the Kunchacko Boban – Roman producers controversy that has been all over the news lately, the producers in question – Arun Ghosh and Bijoy Chandran – are now blaming Kunchacko in a massive way!


Kunchacko Boban has been one of the leads in the movie Romans and he had filed a case against the producers, for wilfully not paying his full remuneration for the flick.

The actor claimed the producers essentially tried to stiff him for Rs 4.5 lacs, when a cheque for the same amount, which they had given him, bounced.

Now the producers have come back with an official statement to the press and boy oh boy, is it a harsh one!

They say it was the actor who was trying to defraud them. According to them, the cheque bounced as they had asked the bank to stop payment, because the actor had already been paid in full – a sum of Rs 50 lacs, apparently!

Kunchacko had also tried his best to keep the movie from coming out or doing well, they said. The actor had not cooperated with them in any of the marketing campaigns for the movie and he had refused to participate in the promotional tour of the film via television interviews etc.

Arun and Bijoy also claim that the behaviour of, not just Kunchacko, but his wife too, on the sets, had been unacceptable and the only reason they put up with it was for the good of the movie.

In a final blow to the actor’s perceived character, the producers referred to him as ‘arrogant’ and said his behaviour now bordered on ‘breach of trust’. Now, that there is legal terminology, folks…

Will we have a counter suit from the producers to the actor now? Only time will tell, and Kunchacko’s reply to this whole list of allegations is of course, yet to come.

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