Kumari 21F Hero Raj Tarun Waiting For Hat Trick

Raj Tarun, now this name is the trending name in Tollywood. Raj, who gave a blistering entry with ‘Uyyala Jampala’ in 2013, continued the hit track with ‘Cinema Choopistha Maava.’ He is now aiming for a hat trick with his upcoming film ‘Kumari 21F.’

Raj Tarun
Raj Tarun

If we go into the past of this hero, Raj Tarun dreamed of becoming a director in the initial stages of his teenage. With his interest towards filmmaking, he began making short films. As per his friends suggestions he acted as the lead role in a short film. With the short film becoming a huge success, he continued to act in such films and did 56 short films.

Later on he was cast in for his first film ‘Uyyala Jampala,’ thanks to director Virinchi Varma who spotted Raj Tarun in a short film. This film that was produced by Nagarjuna under Annapurna Studios banner became a huge hit and left Nag in profits.

With Uyyala Jampala bring a new life to Raj Tarun, he hoped that another chance would call him. Proving his expectations right Trinadha Rao Nakkina, director of ‘Cinema Choopistha Maava’ offered the lead role in this film. Surprisingly Avika Gor is the lead heroine in ‘Uyyala Jampala’ and ‘Cinema Choopistha Maava.’ This film too becoming a hit, the completed profile of Raj Tarun saw a drastic change.


Filmgoers, movie lovers started recognizing the talent that he possess, one among them was director Sukumar. Sukumar wrote ‘Kumari 21F’ had all done its writing work, and the team was searching for a right hero. Then Raj Tarun recommended by the director. After several screen tests, Raj has been finalised as the lead role.

‘Kumari 21F’ will be releasing on 20th of November. Palnati Surya Pratap directs this film and Heebah Patel is the heroine. If this too becomes a hit, then Raj Tarun does something that Tollywood has never experienced, a hat trick of a newcomer.

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