Kshanam Review – Not So Routine Interesting Thriller

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

The most important step in the process of film making is finding a right producer who is willing to invest according to the script for the best possible output. Adivi Sesh and Ravikanth Perupu prepared a thrilling story and luckily found their producer in the form of PVP. This movie has been in news since many days for its planned promotions. It is heard that makers had spent the amount which is equal to its budget on promotions. This movie is releasing today which marks the debut of Ravikanth Perupu as director for the movie titled “Kshanam” starring Adivi Sesh, Adah Sharma, Anasuya Bharadwaj and others produced by PVP cinema. Let’s see how it works on us.


A still from Kshanam Movie
A still from Kshanam Movie

Rishi (Adivi Sesh) is an entrepreneur in America. He loves Swetha (Adah Sharma) during his college days and when they are about to marry it fails. He returns back to America. After some years, he gets a call from Swetha and he returns to India. Swetha reveals him that her daughter is kidnapped and she needs her help. He starts on searching Swetha’s daughter. Who is the kidnapper?? Does Swetha really has a daughter?? This questions form the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Adivi Sesh as Rishi has done a superb fantastic job. He proved once again that he is a great performer. We cannot imagine any other actor in his role. Adah Sharma as Swetha is nice. She performed well as a desperate mother waiting for her kidnapped daughter to be back. Ravi Varma as Bobby is great. His performance is super good as a drug addict. Vennela Kishore as Babh Khan Kala is good. Satyam Rajesh as Ravi Chowdary is nice. He did something different for this time. Satya Dev as Karthik is good. Anasuya Bharadwaj as Jaya Bharadwaj did a superb job. Other actors in the movie did to their extent.

Kshnam Movie Wallposter
Kshnam Movie Wallposter

Writing Department

Basic Plot of the story is simple but good. It is the screenplay of the movie which makes difference. It is so gripping and entertaining. Dialogues are apt for the scenes and are nice.

Technical Departments

Music by Sri Charan Paakala is good. It is his background music which takes the whole movie to the next level. He is a talent to watch out for in future. Cinematography by Shaneil Deo is superb. This type of superb rich visuals are rare for a movie of a shoe string budget. Editing by Arjun Sasthri and Ravikanth Perupu is nice. Production Values are nice.


  • Adivi Sesh
  • Cinematography by Shaneil Deo
  • Music by Sri Charan Pakala
  • Screenplay


  • Didn’t find any


Movie begins with some goons attacking Adah Sharma on a road followed by the intro of Adivi Sesh as Rishi in America. This half is filled with some entertaining and fresh love scenes between Rishi and Swetha with some well written dialogues. Love track between Adah Sharma and Adivi Sesh is good. Adivi Sesh searching for Swetha’s daughter creates a lot of interest and curiosity among audience. This half ends with Adivi Sesh questioning Adah Sharma about daughter and Adah Sharma jumping off from fifteenth floor of a apartment. This half ends on a superb interesting note. It creates the necessary high for the second half. Second half starts with revealing of certain facts about Swetha and her missing daughter. Movie enter into serious zone with a gripping screenplay. Climax of the movie clears all the doubts and twists in the movie. Kshanam is definitely a new movie to our Telugu audience. Director Ravikanth Perupu has done excellent job in making the movie. Screenplay is the best part of the movie. To sum up, Kshanam is a not so routine interesting thriller.

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