KSD Appalaraju movie review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is
An insider’s perspective of the Telugu film industry.


A newcomer’s struggle through every layer of the tedious and primitive dynamics of making films in Telugu.
Appal Raju decides to make the move to Hyderabad after another frustrating day at the cinemas in Amalapuram. And his prized possession (his first screenplay – Nayiki) is welcomed by everyone in the industry, but, with suggestions to compromise the script’s integrity at every rank. What Raju believes is a heartfelt screenplay is ruined with all the suggestions of the masala genre.


What pumped up the adrenaline?
Raju watching a film in a ‘few tickets sold’ single screen in Amalapuram and the initial ambience created makes a soulful promise about the film’s quality.


The first song that takes a rap on all the directors with Appal Raju riding them was the moment where the rage of an audience and the calm of a genius maker came together. The combo was carried very well till the end of the first half.


What makes it only half a film?
As the second half progressed, the writing seemed suffice with the rage and the intelligence of a loud satire was gradually traded for a hurry to finish the script.


Moments such as the cameo from Ravi Teja (one of those clever Varma strokes) try to bring in the calm wit again, but, were rundown by the overwhelming bitterness Varma had for a few in the industry (critics occupying the center stage).


And a bunch of sequences seem to go on forever irritating us as much as a badly placed/needless song.


Harshavardhan and Sunil are your stand outs. What these two have done is of truly international standard.
And Swathi, an actor to look forward to in the future.


A loud satire can easily fall apart.

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