KRK and Kapil Sharma twitter war heats up!

Kamal R Khan is one of those people who’s always seems a bit desperate for the media spotlight and whatever the reasons may be, he sure manages to end up there.. and makes some enemies in the process too.


His trolling of Sunny Leone and SRK made it to the news and now Kamaal, popularly known as KRK, is back with a bang and this time his aim’s locked on beloved comedian and television personality Kapil Sharma.

But wait, the plot thickens..

KRK’s spite fuelled jabs at Kapil on Twitter are – he claims- responses to equally malicious tweets against him spread by Kapil. However, such tweets (the copies of which KRK re-posted by the way), appear nowhere in Kapil Sharma’s original account.

If the more entertaining version or KRK’s side is to be believed, Kapil starts the whole thing off by provoking Kamaal and asking him to kind of “call me and I’ll show you”. No punches were pulled and this escalates to comments to the effect of ” I’ll break your face” and so on and so forth.

KRK responds to this with a strong right hook at Kapil’s character by calling him a mouse and telling the people that Kapil only gets this courageous once he’s had a few drinks in him.

The follow ups escalate in to foul language from KRK and voila.. we have ourselves an alleged war of the tweets!

Things seem to have really taken a turn for the worse in the ‘loud talking’ department with the advent of the social media. While it’s never boring with the likes of KRK out there, one really has to question the merit of such feuds being hashed out in the public.

Why not a simple phone call? Or if you’re a real desperado, a face to face meet? That should settle all things nicely.. but yeah, that wouldn’t necessarily make it to the entertainment pages.

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