Kriti Sanon on her newfound stardom

Kriti Sanon

Debutante of 1 Nenokkadine, Kriti Sanon, is all touched with the affection and importance shown to her post the release of the movie. While acting opposite somebody like Prince Mahesh Babu is a great high, Kriti keeps it really grounded. She enjoyed working with Mahesh in the film and also was overwhelmed with a movie offer after doing mere couple of commercials on television. However, what touched the actress the most is the kind of attention showered upon by the audience after just one release.

Kriti, who was spotted by 14 Reels while casting, proved to be a promising talent on screen. Though a newcomer, Kriti pulled off her role with ease. With no prior experience in acting and a sudden offer to star in a big ticket did not frazzle her.

Kriti with Mahesh in 1 Nenokkadine

“I didn’t realize that I was doing such a big film! I was preoccupied with other commitments. By the time i received the offer, the film had already taken off and i headed straight into the project, working and rehearsing. So i was constantly busy. All the excitement surrounding Mahesh’s new heroine happened so suddenly and quickly, that it’s yet to sink in” shared the pretty actress with a leading daily.

Talking about the newly acquired stardom, Kriti stated that it was a great feeling when people recognized her now at the airports and requested photographs and autographs. While this will take sometime for the young starlet to soak in, we wish Kriti many more good roles and finer movies on her lap as the days pass.


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