Krish’s Heroine Feels Sorry for Balayya

We are well aware of the recent spat between actress Kangana Ranaut and director Krish over the directorial credits of the film Manikarnika. Both of them hit at each other claiming that they are the ones who should be credited for the success of the film. Finally, Krish left the verbal battle and focused on the works of NTR biopic.

Kangana Ranaut About Krish
Kangana Ranaut About Krish

But, NTR biopic turned out to be the biggest disaster in the history of Telugu cinema. Krish, who pinned all his hopes on it, was disappointed big time. In fact, the director left Manikarnika for this movie. Kangana spoke about the failure of NTR biopic in a recent interview.

She said, ” I heard about the business of NTR biopic and realized that it has recovered zero profits. I feel sorry for Balakrishna garu for trusting Krish.” Meanwhile, netizens fired on Kangana that it is not fair to comment on the director for his every failure.

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