Krishnam Raju and Prabhas working on a short film!

Krishnam Raju and Prabhas Short Film

Krishnam Raju and Prabhas are stated to be on the path of finalizing a short film which will focus on the topic of ‘Clean Ganga’. It is a noted fact that Narendra Modi gave a statement on cleaning the traditional river Ganga. Inspired by the initiative of the Indian Prime Minister, Krishnram Raju, who is a member of BJP party took charge in his style on ‘Clean Ganga’ initiative.

As a film star, he decided to show his mark by working on a short film for this initiative. Gazhal Srinivas is stated to be involved in this short film making. Prabhas too is stated to have given a nod to help Krishnam Raju in this topic. We can expect Krishnam Raju to come up with an innovative short film which may shake the entire nation.

Previously, Allu Arjun came with a short film on society related topic and now Krishnam Raju decided to show his talent. If everything goes well, we can see this short film in near future in media. Stay tuned for more updates.

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