Krishnam Raju is now in stable condition – latest health report

Krishnam Raju Health Report

Krishnam Raju’s health condition is now completely stable. He was admitted in hospital few days back due to heart related issue. It seems that the doctors found blockage in his heart and they suggested him to go for angioplasty.

Responding to this, Krishnam Raju decided to have the surgery on Saturday. The surgery went fine and the actor’s health condition is completely stable. This aspect came into the limelight on Sunday. Family members made it for sure that the media knows it only after the completion of the surgery.

To avoid unnecessary chaos in the media and to reduce the tension levels in the fans, Rebel Stars family decided to speak on it only after the surgery. At present, Krishnam Raju is perfectly fine and he will be discharged today or tomorrow from the hospital. Stay tuned for more updates.

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